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The Quebec Craft Beverage Alliance

Brasseurs Du Monde Profile
Brasseurs du Monde

Since its foundation in 2011, Brasseurs du Monde, located in Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec,

Canada), brews quality beers inspired by the world’s brewing traditions... but with itsQuébec signature! The company creates beers with a unique and natural taste to please all consumers and provide them with an unforgettable taste experience. It stands out from the competition with its diversity of products, their consistent quality and its loyal and reliable distribution. In constant growth since day one, it produces 24,000 hectolitres per year and has created more than 200 recipes in 10 years. Always innovating, it also develops private brands for its various partners. To date, Brasseurs du Monde has collected 82 medals for 33 of its beers. In France since 2015 and soon in the United States.

Le Bilboque Microbrasserie

Founded in 1990, Le Bilboquet is one of the first microbreweries in Quebec. Since then, it has never stopped innovating to offer to its consumers a wide variety of exceptional beers. Le Bilboquet specializes in the production of craft beers, including unfiltered and aged beers. Made from malted barley, wheat, top quality hops and selected yeast, our beers of all styles are constantly renewed to remain up to date to the consumers’ tastes.

Le Bilboquet Profile
Corsaire Profile
Le Corsaire Microbrasserie

Corsaire has become known for brewing with excellence in the world

of microbreweries in Quebec, Canada and now soon to be in the US.

We have been awarded 29 medals of excellence from the most prestigious

international contests and would like to share some of that

success with you.

Noroi Distillerie

NOROI is all the subtlety and precision of cold distillation. Thanks to a reactor-type glass still, this unique manufacturing process preserves the most delicate aromas, which would be lost or altered during conventional distillation. It is this technique and the meticulous selection of ingredients that make our spirits unique.

Noroi Distillerie Profile
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